“Annie’s been helpful in encouraging me to improve my posture which I know is awful. With her working on the tight muscles in my neck and my doing the stretches and trying to stand tall I feel things are definitely improving. Thanks Annie
Peter Fazier

“I’ve been training for a marathon and had real problems with my calf and achilles in my left leg. Annie’s been very helpful in sorting it out and i’m almost pain free.
Jane Adams

“Shoulders and neck feel great, feel like a new woman! thanks Annie
Andrea Smith

“I’m so grateful to Annie for fixing my hip problem. She carefully worked lots of different muscles, tendons and ligaments and now I feel I could run every day.
Lauren Jacobs

“My job involves me sitting working at a desk all day. I was recommended to see Annie about the general aches and pains I had been developing in my back and shoulders. Annie’s treatment has sorted out the knots in my muscles and her advice on improving my posture whilst either sitting at my desk or standing has been very helpful.
Jackie Reynolds

“I have had huge problems with pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders, but Annie’s treatments lengthened and stretched all the muscles and all the pain and headaches have gone away. Thanks so much Annie”
James Peters

“Annie supported me during the preparation for my first Iron Man Triathlon. She was able to target specific muscle groups for attention and gave me advice on stretching and injury prevention. Annie has had experience in working with athletes from many different sporting backgrounds and gave great hints and tips for training and competition. My sessions with Annie gave me the confidence and reassurance that enabled me to push my levels of training whilst staying injury free.”
Simon Trehearn

I went to Annie to sort out some cramping problems I’d been having during racing and training. Her regular massage soon eased things enabling me to be more consistent and train harder. I look forward to our months sessions.
Anne Swithins

I kept injuring my calf muscle which stopped me running. Annie gave me some good advice and sorted it out quickly. Thank you.”
John Davids

My sessions with Annie were extremely useful. She quickly diagnosed my knee injury and after each session I felt a marked improvement. With her help I was able to return to playing rugby far more quickly. I would definitely recommend her.”
Stephen Fort

Annie got to the source of my hip/lower back problem straightaway and I was sorted in only 4 sessions. I found the massage really good and felt immediate benefit from the first session. Then Annie gave me exercises to do to help myself between therapy sessions. My hip and lower back have never felt so good. I continue to visit her monthly to keep me in tip top condition. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Sarah King